Splendid Start to Summer

Hello to the blogging world! This is an attempt to start regularly blogging. When I say regular, I do not mean that I will have a set blogging schedule. In the past, I have tried my best to be a daily writer, and found so much joy in doing so. There were also times that I felt hard pressed to come out with something creative and would beat myself up over it if I didn’t necessarily like the outcome or feedback I received. Time to learn from the past, and just go with the flow over here on e’claire 🙂 No pressure, no pressure.

So, in case you haven’t noticed by checking the date of my last post, I have been away from the blogosphere for quite some time. First, it feels good to be sitting here writing again. If you read this, thank you! Secondly, I realize that reading the day-to-day happenings in someone else’s life might not be for you, and that is perfectly fine. I am choosing to blog this time to document some parts of my life that I think are special or important to me! Whether it’s a post about dinner I made, a race I am training for (I only say this because I just so happen to be training for a half marathon in August 2013), or what I did that weekend, I want a way to remember all of life’s short moments. So, if you’re interested, please keep reading and I’d love to receive feedback/comments as you read along. Nothing makes my day more than a little note from someone saying that they read and enjoyed something. 

With all of that being said, I have the tendency to be a completely random blogger. One day I will be on a recipe kick, and you may get recipes for a week straight…and then next up comes a poem that I write. I used to feel like I had to choose a blogging “theme” and couldn’t incorporate all aspects of my multi-dimensional personality. Well, that’s who I am. Abstract. Eclectic. And that is what this blog will be, otherwise it wouldn’t be an accurate portrayal of life as I know it 😉 

So, first up: summer. Gosh, am i excited that Seattle is officially nearing July 4th. Anyone who knows Seattleites or lives here themselves is aware that Seattle doesn’t officially hit summertime weather until after the 4th. I am ready for it. Waking up this morning to rainy, gray skies is for the birds! How is a girl supposed to feel motivated to run when Mother Nature is saying, “Shhhh gooo back to sleep!” 

Regardless of what Seattle weather might look like at the moment, nothing can take away the awesome time I just had last weekend in Chicago (note: I escaped the gray skies to enjoy summer). My boyfriend, Cole, was the best man in his friend Matt’s wedding in Chicago. The entire weekend was picture-perfect. From the steak dinner at Smith & Wollensky on State Street to the rehearsal dinner boat cruise on Chicago’s First Lady, the weekend boasted many amazing memories. When I recollect on my favorite moment from the weekend, dancing the night away with my man comes to mind. Who would have ever known that he had such great dance moves up his sleeve…er, pants? I was pleasantly surprised and I am sure looked a fool with my big cheesy grin plastered on my face every second I spent on the dance floor. Great memories. 


The photo pictured above is just part of the amazing group I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with. 

Another memorable moment from the trip this past weekend was going to O’Hare Airport with Cole. If you know me or have asked about my “how did you guys meet” story, you’d know that Cole and I met in the O’Hare Airport on December 27th, 2012. When we met, Cole asked me how long I had lived in Seattle, and I quickly realized I had moved to Seattle on December 27, 2011 from Chicago. It had been exactly one year. Even stranger? Cole had moved to Seattle from Chicago on December 27, 2011 as well…! We had embarked on the same road trip across the U.S. not knowing one another, and magically were united at the airport one year later to the very date. We weren’t in the airport on a “27” date this time, but it was sure close to exactly six months since we had been there and exchanged phone numbers for our first date. My oh my, how time flies! I am happy to say that today is our six-month anniversary of dating and I have loved and enjoyed every second of it! Here’s to many more months!





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