Born and raised Midwesterner turned Seattleite in 2012. A 25-year old determined to learn my way around  the Pacific Northwest as well as a cook book. What’s brioche, you ask? Great question,  I want to learn to make it. 

I am inspired to blog about my life here in Seattle, friends, boyfriend (luck for him), the two sweetest dogs I’ve ever met, and conquering a few different recipes. I secretly have a dream of being whisked (no pun intended) off to culinary school in Paris where I’ll of course create my own cook book and star in my cooking show called e’claire. Dream? Yes. But hey, I need a reason to justify my obsession with pinning recipes right and left, and shamelessly browsing cookbooks for hours on end.

Other than food, I love photography. Photos of food. Photos of babies. Photos of babies eating food. I would love to own 1,000 pretty plates and place settings and do nothing but bake and cook and take pictures all day, everyday. Again, dreams…

For now, my space here will be just that. Lots of recipes, lots of life adventures, and lots of photos! Hopefully one or two of the recipes will be good, maybe even great.


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