Madison Park Apartment

Happy Friday! If you’re a Seattleite, you already know how gorgeous the weather is today/is going to be this weekend. I am noticing that my office building is less-than-full, and the bike trail and ship canal are busier than usual. I am going to follow suit here in a bit and work remotely from a cafe’. Something about just being out of the office feels so…good! Taking full advantage of my flexible career choice!

In other news, I am getting ready to settle into my new apartment this weekend in Madison Park, and couldn’t be more excited! I recently relocated from North Seattle to Madison Park and can’t wait to get everything set up and decorated.  Luckily, the boyfriend has been more than kind in letting me store my entire apartment inside his condo for the past few weeks while I have been in between locations! Luckily, we will be living less than a mile apart. Hooray!

So, here’s the view of the front of the house…no it is not all mine. I will be renting a mother-in-law style apartment. I am thrilled to be out of the condo/apartment neighborhoods and into a residential location.


Since I virtually own no furniture, I am thrilled to finally be at the point in my life where I can start buying things that I will keep forever. No more college-style Ikea furniture for this girl! I want things that will last, and to create a style this is classic and will not go out of style in five years. With that being said, I haven’t been able to find anything yet that I am 100% certain on, except for a bed…because it’s white…and will match my French decor…

For decorating ideas, I have been checking out a lot of design magazines, books, and of course Pinterest. Here’s what I’ve found that I would like to replicate:


so cozy looking. great for TV room or seaside cottage


The classic white couch is something that I’m finding ties in all aspects of a French decor living space. While I am not certain that I’ll be getting a full sized couch, a love seat or over-sized white chair is definitely on my radar! The mirror is something else that I’d love to have. It adds depth and light to an apartment with minimal light/space.


French apartment

It seems that collage walls are all the rage these days, but I want to do one anyways. Trust me, I’ve done my fair share of horrid collage walls (ex: my first apartment in Seattle if you had the pleasure of viewing…), and I’m ready to invest in a few art pieces that I absolutely love and will hold onto forever. No more haphazard collage walls without aligning/measuring first! Listen to me, I sound like an adult…


Set of 3 French inspired vintage look kitchen by mysweetsavannah, $48.00


The kitchen is probably something I am most excited about! It is a small  kitchen, but is openly facing the living space, and would have the best space for a cute butcher-block island so I need to have the decor coordinating with the general theme of the apartment. Lucky for me, I do not own any plates, bowls, etc. so this will be something I can start 100% from scratch, besides a few utensils and mugs of course. I am thinking of keeping the colors neutral with a few pops of colors with floral arrangement (see example in picture above). I love the idea of a monogrammed plate and some simple white roses.

If you think of anything else that I must incorporate, please let me know! Or, if you’re in Seattle and looking to sell any French furniture, I might be your gal. Enjoy the weekend!