Protein-Packed Dinner

I have a recipe for you all today (finally)! This is something that I like to think of as an easy weeknight meal, full of protein, and something that can either be dressed up or dressed down…so fashionable, right? The ingredients are simple, and would be  great on top of a salad with a creamy ranch dressing (more like a buffalo chicken salad then), or even in a few corn tortillas for a heartier version if you are super hungry!


Bold & Spicy Turkey Bowl

1. Ground turkey (I get mine from either Central co-op or TJ’s)

2. Taco seasoning (TJs: spicy!!)

3. Authentic Mexican salsa (again, TJs)

4. Daiya cheddar or pepper jack cheese (from Central co-op or Whole Foods)

5. Fresh avocado (TJs)


1. Cook ground turkey over medium heat in a frying pan until golden-brown. 

2. Add taco seasoning to your preference (more=spicier in my opinion)

3. Remove from heat, spoon ground turkey into bowls

4. Add authentic Mexican salsa, Daiya cheddar/pepper jack cheese, and avocado pieces

5. Enjoy 🙂

See…super easy and only five steps!


Turkey not pictured because, well, it’s ugly